Our Mission as a Firm to Individual Clients

To seek to achieve: 1) effective investment strategies; and 2) constant investment performance, with a focus on risk.

We know how each investor has a unique situation — from a small business owner to a professional, from a wealthy retiree to a young family just beginning to build an asset base. That is why we customize our solutions and pledge to each and every client the same uncompromised attention to excellence and detail.

We will strive to identify and understand our clients' financial goals first, and then build the best possible investment plan to help them achieve their distinct financial objectives.

Our Mission as a Firm to 401k Clients

We are committed to the highest level of professional service in the areas of retirement plan design, monitoring, as well as education and advice for employees.

We will work with our 401k employer clients to achieve their corporate objectives of attracting, retaining and rewarding quality employees.

We will team with employers, trustees and plan administrators to constantly improve their 401k plans and assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility, so that they offer the best possible retirement plan to their employees.

We will assist employees in maximizing the use of their company 401k plan to achieve their retirement goal.

Our Promise to Every Client

Our fees, advice and investment recommendations are fully transparent.

Since we are not beholden to any proprietary products, companies or sales quotas, we do not push any particular product. Our research is directed to finding the investment strategy best suited to helping you reach your financial objectives.