William E. D’Annibale MBA®, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (TM)

President - Investment Strategies

Managing Partner, William D’Annibale has more than 30 years of international experience in the financial services industry (North America and Europe). On the vanguard of strategic investment planning, he provides customized services to a wide range of individual and business investors — including wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and the management of 401(k) plans. Keeping in mind risk tolerance, time horizon and performance expectations, Bill develops specific strategies tailored to help meet his clients’ objectives. Bill’s favorite saying is “Investing without a solid plan is like building a house without a blueprint.” He holds a BS from Babson College and an MBA® from Bentley Graduate School of Business.
Living in the Metro West, Bill is actively involved in a number of civic, fraternal, and non-profit organizations. He enjoys soccer, traveling and spending time with his family.